Nano Chem Tech is a leading supplier of water management products and services to the industry. Our advanced chemical treatment programs. Our programs of industry applications, including pretreatment, cooling water, boiler water, and cleaning solutions, as well as water reuse programs and closed loop cooling systems.

    Nano Chem Tech has developed technology to address the most complex process treatment challenges in the chemical industry. Our programs include a full line of antifoulants, polymerization inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, and antifoams for Process Treatment along with the application expertise to deliver the results our customers expect.

Who we are :

    Nano Chem Tech has been establishing since 2009. We provide superior Chemicals Water Treatment Service with high quality and efficiency to our users. And we intend to produce the water quality specifically to each users’ conditions.

What we do :

    We apply technology for water treatment solutions to save the essential resource to our customers who are in various industry for example Manufacture, Building and Facilities, Hospitality and Healthcare Service and etc.